About PYPBihar

PYP Bihar is the largest youth organization of state having thousands of youth in its hand at present.The journey of the organization started just after a gossip  of 4-5 youth of Patna and Magadh university on the roof of Gayatri Shaktipeeth (an establishment  of  Guruwar Pt. Sri Ram Sharma Acharya) ,kankarbagh at Patna in the end of 1995.
There was no enlarged figure in  the mind of visionary at the time of beginning what does it appear today.But they continued to conduct weekly meeting on each Sunday at Shaktipeeth and to distribute literature of Thought Revolution Movement to the youth and family of their residing colony in the walk-time of study-intervals.
Vision and Inspiration
Our vision is to provide a better platform to struggling and emerging youth who steps to patna from rural areas or villages and give them proper guideline & support to keep away from deviations of youthful stage like bad-habits, smoking and drinking,negativity,bad-friendship,time wasting on useless topics,vulgar discussion,to watch useless movies or to listen useless songs, to read adult magazines,to keep away frustration and study/career pressure,to choose right path,to motivate,to be away from demoralisation.
How it works
Build up a good personality, to manage study subjects,time management,stress management,pressure removal,to maintain enthusiasm, to engaged in social works like serving in Bal Sanskarshala, Plantation,Cleaning of the rivers,anti-addiction movement,meditation and yoga practices,self help establishment,social awareness,weekly group meeting,career counselling seminars,youth expo,time contribution in literature expansion of thought revolution movement of AWGP,
Contributors and Donators
The organization runs many activities with help of its  time ,knowledge and resource contributors.With help of pocket-money fund and successful-members donation the organization has organized many programs in Krishna memorial hall,Muktakash Manch and reputed community hall of patna in which thousands of youth are benefited.
We organize Meditation Lab,5-days personality development workshop,Bal Sanskarshala,Literature Stall,Plantation,River Cleaing,do postings on social networks like facebook,twitter ,thought capsules through SMS,inspiral videos on youtube,Event photos on google+ and flickr streams,articles and blogs.
Mostly members  are  students of Intermediate to PHD or  looking for UPSC, BPSC, Banking, Railway, Engineering, Medical etc competitive exams,so leading and famous personalities of state and country are called for guideline and motivation of them time to time.
Visitors and Motivators
Personnel working in government & private sectors,research and innovation,renowned political leaders,professors,doctors,engineers and experts of emerging sectors visit in the weekly seminar of organization frequently.


  1. Thanks to all off you who is running these activities by pyp for better future of yout of country. specialy to the fonder of pyp and devoties of karyakarta of pyp. god will give somethingspecial to all of you.
    comment by vishal mani advocate, from delhi High court delhi..

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